The unifying theme of this body of work is to understand the fundamental dynamics of ecosystems and the influence of natural and anthropogenic perturbations and feedbacks on ecosystem functions.


Current Projects



The Coastal Observations, Mechanisms, and Predictions Across Systems and Scales - Field Measurements and Experiments project aims to understand how interactions among water, soils, sediments, and plants drive carbon and nutrient fluxes and transformations across the coastal interface


This project seeks to unravel the sequence of processes and sources of terrestrially-derived organic matter that culminate in the immense carbon dioxide outgassing to the atmosphere from tropical rivers worldwide.

Tree Methane

This project explores the mechanisms of a recently discovered phenomenon - the emission of methane and other greenhouse gases from trees. We use a range of field and laboratory techniques to understand, and ultimately predict the magnitude and drivers of tree methane emissions in upland and wetland forests near the coast.

Sensor Development

We develop new approaches for deploying sensors in air, water, soil, and plants and test novel technologies for sensing environmental processes.

Analytical Services

The PNNL Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory provides NJDEP and TNI accredited analytical services on any matrix (e.g., water, soil, plant, fish tissue, etc.). We specialize in the analysis of low level trace elements, mercury, organic pollutants, organic biomarkers, elemental composition, and nutrients.