A novel resonant electro-physical transmutation method for water purification


We present an electro-transmutation (ET) method of water purification using the Quantum Kinetic FusorTM. Electrolysis experiments were performed with residential well water and seawater coupled with two different electrode materials—stainless steel and aluminum—to test the effectiveness of ET in removing contaminants and altering the physiochemistry (e.g., pH, alkalinity) and isotopic composition of water. ET effectively removed contaminants at power inputs as low 0.142 mA cm−2, i.e., 1.9–4.2 watts, which is substantially lower than other electrochemical techniques. The ET process also reduces, and in some cases eliminates, electrode surface area degradation. This outcome is outside the field of traditional Faraday electrolysis, further distinguishing the ET process as potentially more cost-effective than other water purification methods. Importantly, the experiments reveal ET is an exceptionally low input energy generator. This finding is based on the presence of exotic x-rays (Bremsstrahlung) emissions during operation (1–20 KeV).

Nature Portfolio Journal: Clean Water, 5 (35)