Methane Venting from Forearc Faults in the Puget Sound Estuary

This project seeks to quantify how subsurface methane seeps contribute to greenhouse gas emissions from the Puget Sound estuary to the atmosphere.

Mechanisms of blue carbon export in estuaries with contrasting carbon sources

Modifications in land use and climate will result in shifts in the magnitude and composition of organic matter (OM) transported from wetlands to coastal waters, but differentiation between riverine and wetland OM sources in coastal areas remains a …

Editorial: The Role of Priming in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems

The majority of organic matter (OM) in Earth’s biosphere is synthesized from atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) by primary producers (e.g., largely algae). The fate of this OM—i.e., how long it persists in the environment before being recycled back to …